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The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. – Tony Robbin

Welcome to my new blog, beauty in your hide. The name of this blog actually came from a makeup journey I was on a few years ago, and has stuck with me since. This brand has been my baby and I’ve had so many plans with it. A blog being one of them. I decided it was time to set that plan in motion. “Beauty in your hide” means finding beauty in your own skin (also known as hide in cattle). Not only physically but mentally as well.

This is a “life blog” and will be about my struggles getting pregnant, getting pregnant, and my journey on being a first time mom. I by no means am an expert in any of these categories, and I’m not a perfect writer; but one thing I’ve always loved to do is help people. So that’s my goal with this blog. To share my story and use my experiences to show other women that they’re not alone, and there is help and support out there. That comparing ourselves to Pinterest and “Instagram moms” is not healthy. I will be real with you. If one person can take something from this blog then my mission is accomplished.

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